Defining What Local Means

Most people don’t understand the impact large corporations have on the community these companies come into the community offering lower priced products, but do the lower prices justify the high cost of competition to small local entrepreneurs. Local businesses are constantly in competition with large corporations, other small businesses, and you the customer. You may not think that a customer is competition for a business, but small businesses have to prove to customers why their products are better for you and the community that you live in even though their prices are more or the same as others.

So here you have it an uplifting documentary, Start Local, that explores the importance of shopping locally and the impact it has on communities, whether it be through food, business, art, or charity, in this documentary, you will gain insight into what makes a community flourish economically from local Midland business owners, who have seen the devastating result that small economies can have when big box stores open in their town. To find out more information click here.


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