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  • Do I Get a Tracking Number with that Gift, Santa?
    I’m a tracker. When I order something from Amazon and other online retailers, I love nothing more than to see where in the U.S. my purchase is currently located. “Oh good, my cake pan is in Kentucky now!” “Hooray, that iPhone case is already in Wisconsin!” “My new Peanuts collection is ‘out for delivery?’ WOO-HOO!” […]
  • Overview of Features on the New Google AdWords Editor Version 11
    AdWords Editor is still much-loved by search marketers, judging by the reaction when we suggested a year ago that Google seemed to be deprioritizing it. Now, with the release of Google AdWords Editor version 11, there’s even more to love. AdWords Editor is one of Google’s most popular tools, according to the search giant itself. I’ve […]

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