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  • Google and Twitch: Why You Need A Video Content Marketing Plan Now
    Think you don’t need a video content marketing plan now? Think again. The recent development of Google buying livestreaming service Twitch for $1 billion is a red flag that video marketing is going to explode. So knowing that - Google and Twitch – what does it really mean for marketers? Let’s explore. What is Twitch? Twitch is a ... The post Google and Twitc
  • Is Your Spouse Compatible with Your Business?
    Is your spouse compatible with your business and entrepreneurship? Your startup? Your plans to grow your existing business? No – it’s not a trick question. And no, I’m not an expert. But my wife and I have been married 44 years, including more than a decade of scraping to support a startup, and sending five ... The post Is Your Spouse Compatible with Your Bu

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