Art Makes You Smart

The Makes You Smart is an aspiring initiative program with the goals of promoting educational advancement through and . The Campaign is dedicated to rural Mississippian in their endeavors to explore the world through the lens of the arts and traveling to different places.

11218227_450688458466525_3996001781054377165_nThis mission was first envisioned by a man by the name of John Watts 30 years ago while he was working at Perry Central High school as the art instructor. After cultivating one of the strongest art departments in the state, Mr. Watts sought to infuse life into his lessons by giving students the opportunity to experience the world which created the art from the classroom.The Art Makes You Smart Campaign now hopes to continue the legacy of Mr. John Watts by establishing a source of funding for future trips abroad for Perry Central High School art students. On behalf of the students of Perry Central High School they invite you to join their campaign by helping and continuing to grow creative kids through art and travel! To find out more information and see how you can visit their page by clicking here!

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