A Wine Creation Over Dinner

Winestains created by a father and daughter team on a mission to turn old into modern home-wares. Located in Williamstown , offering  that will enhance your food and experience. It all started with an afternoon spent in the shed. With discarded left out to claim, it wasn’t long until Peter decided to do something with them. What he found, was beautiful scarred & stained timber hidden beneath these unwanted barrels with endless possibilities.

The first design that was created was in the shape of a surfboard engulfed with red wine staines. The timber held its own prior story and became the talking point over with friends & that night. It was loved among friends and remained a talking point, but the bad news was, there was just one.That moment over dinner had planted a seed for Kristal; to create more of these designs to share with others. Welcome to Winestains.


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