A Jon Hart Design

For more than 35 years Jon Hart Design has produced high quality and personalized , , and various travel goods & accessories in the State of .  Through leadership and customer’s request the Company has experienced consistent growth by adding new colors in its most popular materials of coated canvas and .  There are now well more than a dozen choices of each material from which to choose.  JHD has produced popular clear plastic products as required for various security purposes when traveling.  Each product carries the Company’s iconic “Jon Hart Design” logo and proud owner’s name or initials.

No matter who or where you are in life or your particular lifestyle, JHD has a product appropriate for you or your loved one.  Whether you are interested in Men’s, Women’s, Kids, Gifts, Sports & Outdoor, or a particular Season, they have a product that will stand the test of time for you. Come visit inside their plant and experience what they are all about by watching “Manufacturing Marvels”.  See how the legacy products are made, via their skilled craftsmen & craftswomen at work, and why the brand has endured the test of time.


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