Playing Rugby In Memphis

expose to a new and unique opportunity through which they broaden their horizons and inspire them to achieve greater in and out of the classroom.  They believe that by making fall in love with the game, they can develop that passion into success in life. are held to a set of ​structured standards which they are required to fulfill in order to play rugby. These standards use a historically conducive term for rugby. “Gentlemen“. Below, are the specifics of how we measure if a player exemplifies the traits of a gentlemen.

  • Academic Dedication: Measured in grades and conduct. Dedication to grades is defined as maintaining, or making weekly progress towards, a 3.4 GPA.
  • Athletic Dedication: Measured in effort at practice and highlights/altercations at . Highlights are moments of excellence in athleticism or sportsmanship on the field.


Take a look and see how rugby is having a effect on the city of Memphis, TN.




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