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An with an , Danny the owner and operator of , a and company influenced by ancient and modern . Danny speaks inspiration, , and future aspirations:


Q: What made you want to start your own business?  

Danny: I’ve always been a hustler,  I’ve never liked working for anyone. I’ve always felt that there is only so much you can earn working for someone else. The phrase: “Work hard building your own dream, or someone else will hire you to you build theirs” always comes to mind. I figure, why wake up in the morning and put my energy towards someone else’s goals?
 Q: What do you like about being a business owner? 
Danny: I have this need to just create, create, create… When I have an idea, I want to manifest it as quickly as possible. That includes everything from my artwork, to producing t-shirts and even goes beyond that to my own lifestyle.
I print all of my own shirts  So I can experiment all I want and when I get an idea for a new shirt I can produce it immediately.
I don’t like to have to ask for permission from anyone or have to wait for someone else so that I can make something happen and owning my own business gives me that much more freedom.

Q: What inspired you to create clothing or apparel about ancient and modern style? 
Danny: A lot of my inspiration comes from when I was around 11-12 yrs old and I first watched the movie “Stargate” , that movie is about a team of archaeologists that discover a portal to a world much like ancient Egypt where there is a mix of futuristic weaponry and ancient gods who are actually aliens… The movie got me hooked on ancient mythology like the ancient and other civilizations and especially the possibility of other worlds out there. All of the mysteries of the universe intrigues me and I aim to share this curiosity through my designs, and t-shirts are a great medium to communicate this. I’ve always been a fan of t-shirt art. That fascination with t-shirts led me to want to start printing my own artwork. I print all my own t-shirts for my brand. Word got out about this and I now print shirts for many other streetwear brands and small businesses which has been very successful.

Q: How long have you been in business?

Danny: I’ve been in business close to 7 years

Q: What direction or what future aspirations do you have for Case Ultra? 
Danny: There are many brands, photographers, artists, and musicians I have the pleasure of associating with. They are a great inspiration to me. So a goal of mine is to create some sort of centralized way that people can see all of our work. One of these ways is to expand on my magazine and feature the people that inspire me and their work. There is a fellow creator and friend of mine named Lean Automatic who is a musician and we have been throwing ideas back and forth on how to unite our worlds and shed light on the brands and artists we associate with. So there are some major projects in the works right now which you can expect to see soon.

Q: If you could suggest or give advice to someone who is looking to start their own business what would it be?
Danny: Don’t take too much time trying to analyze and prepare for whatever it is you want to do. Too many people want to wait until the time is right or read book after book on how to start a business or do whatever it is they want to do. Some preparation is good and necessary but people will spend their whole lives trying to get everything right and they end up never doing anything at all. My advice is just to take action and make mistakes…Every mistake is actually a lesson. Eventually after you make so many mistakes, you start running out of ways to fail and there are no other options left than successful ones.



We like to thank Danny for taking time out and doing an interview with us.  Please go and support Case Ultra at http://www.caseultra.com/

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