Food On The Cayman Island

Located in the heart of the Seven Mile Beach corridor, Craft & Company is Cayman’s premier “gastropub”. With a constantly evolving menu that emphasizes unique twists on classic dishes, they also carry 50+ beers and the Island’s largest selection of local and international craft beers, with 16 beers on tap. Attorney Anthony Robertson a former craft brewer started the firm’s craft and beverage group.

Robertson dabbled in home while living in and decided to take a leap and enter the Siebel Institute of Brewing , but  his belief is that, to be a great brewer at a small brewery, you need an excellent mechanical mind. That wasn’t really what he was good at.”

So going to law school was a spur-of-the-moment decision for Robertson, but he viewed it as a way he could potentially help small brewers, and other entrepreneurs in the craft food and beverage industries. The craft food and beverage group wants to keep its services affordable for entrepreneurs who often are running startups or small businesses. It will enter into a small retainer agreement and give them general advice.


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