A Hawaiian Cookie

If you live or planning on vacationing in take a trip to Company, started in 1998 when entrepreneurs Keith and Janet Sung developed a recipe for premium shortbread cookies. As an artist, Keith wanted to develop something unique – a that represented true Hawaiian hospitality. What he created was a line of island-inspired flavors in a signature pineapple shape. Their recipe has been refined over the years, but they’ve always carried through that dedication to quality ingredients inspired by the flavors of their island home.Their cookies are package by hand in a unique, signature to ensure that each box can be presented as a treasured gift.

Their cookies are baked daily, made with the finest ingredients and natural Hawaiian fruit flavors, and individually wrapped to maintain their delicious oven- quality.  Currently, they have stores opened throughout Honolulu, particularly in , to ensure the hospitality that inspired the cookies was delivered to visitors from around the world, and now they found locations on Maui, in , and in .

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